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What benefits do you get in guangzhou?

Solve educational problems

Children who receive advanced education do not need to invest a large amount of school choice fees (currently about 60,000 primary schools in guangzhou, about 100,000 secondary schools); In addition, non-guangzhou registered permanent residence students can not take the college entrance examination in guangzhou, must return to the place of origin to take the college entrance examination, the two places of different education may affect the possibility of university

2. Qualified to purchase houses and cars

Having the qualification to purchase two suites and cars in guangzhou;

3. Enjoy preferential policies for house purchase

Can enjoy the application to buy guangzhou limited price housing, economic housing indicators (currently in the form of lottery quota), at the same time to buy or buy items will get more preferential mortgage rate;

4. Social welfare

Can enjoy guangzhou citizens all social insurance, medical insurance and unit housing provident fund and other related benefits (guangzhou city and other small and medium-sized cities, rural standards are very different);

Longevity insurance

Seniors over 70 years old in guangzhou can apply for longevity insurance;

Women can get multiple free tests

Guangzhou registered women can enjoy a number of free pre-marital inspection, birth inspection projects, saving a lot of costs;

Children can get subsidies for attending private kindergartens

Registered children in guangzhou can receive subsidies starting from 300 yuan per year for attending private kindergartens.

Address job opportunities

For some well-known foreign enterprises, foreign-related institutions and important positions in state-owned institutions (such as finance, civil servants, etc.) that require guangzhou hukou, opportunities will not be missed;

Solve the housing problem

No longer need to apply for a long-term residence permit, put an end to the possibility of being punished for not handling;

10. Shorten the processing time

Family planning card, unmarried card, Hong Kong and Macao card, overseas passport, id card, unemployment card and other documents can be handled in guangzhou immediately, to avoid the need for emergency or a waste of time to renew the card;

11. Enjoy medical benefits

This city registered permanent residence sees a doctor in guangzhou each big hospital or clinic when, the id card that has guangzhou registered permanent residence provides can enjoy certain medical treatment project 10% cost discount;

12. The faster the transaction, the less the cost

Regard a country as megacity, the doorsill of guangzhou is higher and higher, had better deal with as early as possible, lest talent policy is revised hind need to pay the city of considerable amount to add capacity to expend.
Common mistake: guangzhou into the door is equal to guangzhou integration into the door

This belongs to the student that does not understand guangzhou to enter a door absolutely, guangzhou has a lot of kinds of entering a door means, because this error is all the time, think guangzhou enters a door integral enters a door, wait oneself social security all the time, feel oneself social security, wait until full 4 years can enter a door. It can be said that because of this identification, many families missed the time to enter the home, not only delayed their children to study and buy a house, but also paid a greater price to enter the home. Today small make up for you to popularize, points into one of the guangzhou households, guangzhou households also contains talent introduction into the household, which, talent introduction is divided into skills into the household, education background into the household, fresh students into the household and patent into the household and so on.

Common error 2: integral enters a door 4 years social security adds 85 minutes to be able to enter a door

This belong to have certain knowledge of household, know the household need 85 points and four years of social security, however, special attention is needed here is 85 points and four years of social security, does not mean that you can enter a, he is applying for the threshold of the integral door, only we score of 85 points (2018 to 100 points) and four years of social security only can apply for integral household, integral household through total control indexes to enter a bid, can have a control on the number of a year, this year than in previous years released 1000 places, 7000, That is to say, only 7,000 people can enter the household through points every year. This year, only 48,500 people apply for points to enter the household. That is to say, if you apply for points to enter the household, you may not be able to enter the household.

Of course, the two common mistakes are not the same, because everyone’s conditions are not the same, may go the program is not the same, if the conditions allow, students can first consult us later, understand after the decision can be clear.

2. 有资格购买房屋和汽车
4. 社会福利
10. 缩短处理时间
11. 享受医疗福利
12. 交易越快,成本越低

这属于家庭的某些知识,知道家庭需要85分和四年的社会保障,然而,需要特别关注85点,四年的社会保障,并不意味着您可以输入一个,他是申请积分门的门槛,只有我们得分85分(2018 – 100分)和四年的社会保障家庭只可以申请积分,积分家庭通过总量控制指标进入报价,可以控制一年的人数,今年比往年发布1000个名额,7000个,也就是说,每年只有7000人可以通过积分进入家庭。今年,只有48500人申请积分进入家庭。也就是说,如果你申请积分进入家庭,你可能无法进入家庭。



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