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If there’s a reason to stay in the big city, it’s probably because there are more possibilities. According to my observation since my career, the biggest reason why most parents are eager to settle down in guangzhou is to solve the problem of their children’s education.

In guangzhou, the education of the child can have nothing to do with the house, have nothing to do with domestic condition, but have very big concern with registered permanent residence. Presumably many parents know, want to let their children in guangzhou on the public school, household guangzhou, guangzhou hukou is the best shortcut.
For many non-local parents, they hope their children can enjoy quality educational resources in guangzhou. But private schools are either too expensive to afford, or of variable quality to be trusted. Public schools are guaranteed and cheap. In addition, the entrance examination for secondary school or college score of registered students is relatively low, and local universities have priority in admission, which has a very favorable influence on the long-term development of children.
Non – guangzhou household registration to buy the fastest way

According to the latest news of guangzhou property market purchase limit policy: 1. 2. One set is limited to single (including divorced) people in this city; 3. Limit the purchase of one set of personal income tax or social security for non-resident families who have paid income tax or social security for 5 consecutive years; 4. Conghua and zengcheng are still open to purchase; 5. Overseas institutions and individuals shall purchase houses according to the current policies.

It can be seen from the purchase restriction policy that the household registration in guangzhou is allowed to purchase two sets of houses, while the household registration in non-guangzhou is not only limited to one set, but also requires the continuous payment of social security in guangzhou for five years. This is not a small blow for many outsiders, do not meet the purchase conditions, money is not good. Say so, have enter guangzhou is the fastest shortcut that foreigner buys a house, need not 5 years of social security, can buy two, still can enjoy to buy a house welfare, it is very convenient.

The card with the most convenient handling of documents

Enter guangzhou, have guangzhou registered permanent residence, card of birth control card, unmarried card, card of Hong Kong and Macao, go abroad passport, id card, unemployed card can be handled instantly in guangzhou, avoid urgent business to need or fill card and rush about between two places, waste time. And without guangzhou registered permanent residence, not only to go through a little complicated procedures, and even may be two places rush about, if the emergency needs to be handled in a timely manner, it will delay things too. Therefore, in order to make life more convenient, it is necessary to apply for a hukou in guangzhou.

The elderly and children can enjoy more benefits

From January 1, 2017, the only child parents in guangzhou registered permanent residence, male over 60 years old, female over 58 years old can get 150 yuan pension subsidy every month, guangzhou registered permanent residence enjoy pension benefits far more than these. In addition, there are many guarantees for infants and children, such as medical insurance and education. It will be much more convenient to enter guangzhou.

The most secure pass for study and employment

As we all know, regional concept exists everywhere. After all, resources are limited, and Peking University admission score for beijingers is relatively low. Therefore, it is natural that high-quality educational resources in guangzhou must be given priority to students with permanent residence in guangzhou. Employment is also the same reason, some public institutions and well-known enterprises will account for the hard conditions for recruitment.

Settle way is numerous, always can find suit oneself

Guangzhou is a very inclusive city, so the way of household registration is also diverse. In addition to the three most common ways of settling down, including education, skills and points, there are also ways of settling down, such as taking refuge in parents, spouses, children, and students’ collective household registration after the transfer of workers in the army. According to different groups have different ways of settling down, super students can also settle in guangzhou. According to the recent “implementation plan for guangzhou to promote non-registered population to settle in the city”, the registered population in guangzhou will increase to around 9.2 million by 2020, and the urbanization rate of the registered population in the city will increase to about 79.8%. It can be seen that guangzhou has increased efforts in talent introduction.

Therefore, entering guangzhou means that children can receive better education and have a broader vision. Let oneself get better career development opportunity, enjoy more comfortable old age life.



根据广州楼市最新消息限购政策:1。2. 在这个城市,只有单身人士(包括离婚人士)可以参加;3.对连续5年缴纳所得税或者社会保险的非居民家庭,限制购买一套个人所得税或者社会保险;4. 从化和增城仍然开放购买;5. 境外机构和个人应当按照现行政策购房。




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